"By its action we live, and by its failure
we shrink, swell and die. Each fibre of all
muscles owes its pliability to that yielding
septum-washer, that gives all muscles help
to glide over and around all adjacent muscles
and ligaments without friction or jar. It not
only lubricates the fibres but gives
nourishment to all parts of the body. Its
nerves are so abundant that no atom of flesh
fails to get nerve and fluid supply therefrom"

"The soul of man with all the streams of
pure living water seems to dwell in the fascia
of his body. When you deal with the fascia, you
deal and do business with the branch offices
of the brain, and under the general corporation
law, the same as the brain itself, and why not
treat it with the same degree of respect"

Dr. A.Still
Philosophy of Osteopathy, 1899